Big Adventures Ahead: A Guide To The Benefits Of Preschool

For many parents, the decision to send their child to preschool before the big leap to kindergarten can be a hard one. Luckily, most preschools offer extremely flexible schedules with a variety of available days and hours making for a terrifically convenient option for parents. Not only will your child get a base idea of how school works, but will also benefit from key lessons they can carry with them into kindergarten. Here are just a few benefits that you can expect to take away from your child's preschool experience. 


Even if your child is a year or so away from beginning kindergarten, preschool will make for an excellent chance for them to socialize with other children. For students who are an only child, for example, this means of socialization will be a huge factor in how well they adapt to school life. Simply being around other children and interacting with them will give your child the valuable tools they need to more easily fit in amongst their peers. Learning to play and share with others as well as learning to wait their turn will all be extremely beneficial behaviors for your child's social progress. Preschool activities that include show-and-tell, role-playing, and singing are all excellent examples of what your child can expect to enjoy!

Listening Skills

One of the most challenging lessons your child will encounter throughout their youth is how to listen. From everyday situations at home to listening intently to their teacher, your child will need to eventually develop strong listening skills to guarantee they have a successful experience in their schooling. Preschool offers a unique opportunity for your child to learn these skills in a welcoming environment. While preschool does not offer as strict a curriculum as more advanced grades, teachers will still work with your child to help encourage strong listening skills. Reading books, role-playing, and circle time in which other students share words are all relevant examples of what your child might encounter in the preschool setting. 

Preparing for Kindergarten

Even children who are especially bright can have a difficult time acclimating to a full school day for the first time. Anxiety from being separated from their parents can often leave unprepared children in a difficult spot. Children who are used to the typical schedule of preschool, however, will have a far easier time adjusting to the longer schedules of kindergarten and beyond. Not only will your child be more prepared to handle learning material, but will also have a broad familiarity with topics including basic counting, the alphabet, and listening to stories. Additionally, they will also be used to being in the classroom setting away from parents, allowing them to feel more at ease amongst their peers. 

For more information on the benefits of preschool, contact a professional near you.