The Top Places to Work With a BFA in Graphic Design

Where can you work with a BFA in graphic design? If you're ready to start your professional life or change careers, take a look at the top job options to explore after earning an online bachelor's degree in graphic design.

Work for Yourself

Twenty-one percent of graphic designers were self-employed in 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This makes self-employment the number one work option for professionals in the graphic design field.

As a self-employed or freelance graphic designer, you can pick and choose the jobs you want to take, enjoy a flexible schedule, and work from almost anywhere. While some designers who work for themselves have a commercial office space, others choose a home-based or virtual route.

Most of your work is a solo process done on your computer. If you need to meet with clients, and don't want to rent an office space, you can use a shared/communal commercial space, coffee house meet-up approach, or an app/online group video call option.

Work for One Company

Even though self-employment provides the freedom some professionals crave, other designers prefer the stability of a full-time job. Private companies often hire in-hours designers to create publications, marketing/advertising materials, or website graphics. Some graphics designers who work for private businesses or corporations also fill creative director or managerial roles.

Private companies that hire designers span an almost endless array of fields. These include small businesses, healthcare providers, retail stores, national chains, financial services, technology startups, creative or arts organizations, and other corporations.

Work for a Marketing Firm

In 2019 eight percent of graphic designers worked for advertising or public relations firms, according to the BLS. Like graphics professionals who work for a private company as an in-house designer, those who choose to work for a marketing or advertising firm are also typically permanent full- or part-time employees. Again, you won't have the freedom of a freelancer. But you will have a steady paycheck.

As a marketing firm employee your job duties may design print or web-based materials for advertising purposes, create store signage, or come up with a client's new logo. This type of job may require you to work closely with clients. If you're a people-person and a strong communicator, a client-facing job in design is an option to explore.

Along with clients, some graphic designers who work in marketing also collaborate with other employees—in other departments. These could include copywriters, market researchers, IT professionals, sales staff, or public relations employees.