Study Plan For Getting Through Flight School

Flight school programs are thorough educational programs that demand a lot of their students because flying an aircraft is a major responsibility and there's a lot to know when you're in the air. If you plan to enroll in flight school, you should be prepared to do a lot of studying and pass rigorous exams. Here's a study plan to help you get through your flight school program.

Day Before Class: Read the Textbook

Spend the day before each class reading the section of the textbook that will be lectured on in the next class. You'll be better able to follow along during the lecture if you've read the material beforehand, and your questions will be more well-informed. Reading the section the day before your class ensures you'll have time to read the material and it'll be fresh in your mind.

Day of Class: Take and Review Notes

Obviously, you should take dutiful notes during your classes. Taking notes both helps you digest the material being taught and gives you a reference for further review and study. If you don't remember something later on, you can review your notes to double-check yourself.

Take some time after class on the same day to sit down with your notes and rewrite them into study guides. This might seem like a lot of work, but it has two major benefits. 

First, rewriting your notes forces you to review them again while the textbook and lecture materials are fresh. This third reiteration of the material will help solidify everything in your mind so that you remember it better later on.

Second, the study guides that you create are what you'll use to study for exams later in the course. 

While notes are helpful for studying, they record material in chronological order as it's taught -- and you can't always tell what's most important during a lecture. Self-created study guides help you record the lecture material in order of prominence so you know what to focus on when studying later.

Day Before the Exam: Review Study Guides

A few days before each exam, begin reviewing your study guides. If you can go over them a few times each day for several days before an exam, you should have a solid command of the material come exam time.

If you've made good study guides, you probably will only need to focus on the guides themselves as you study. Should you have any questions or think information is missing, though, you can always consult your notes and textbook for clarification.

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