Answers To The Top Teen Driver Training Questions Parents Have

Why should you enroll your teen in a driver training class? Even though your parents taught you the rules of the road, a professional program has benefits galore for the soon-to-be driver. If you're not sure whether to register your teen for a driver prep course, take a look at the top questions parents have about this type of training.

Do Teens Have to Take Driver Education Courses?

The answer to this question depends on where you live. Some states have driver's training mandates, while others only have experiential requirements. Your state's department of transportation or licensing agency can provide you with detailed information on whether your teen needs to take a formal class, how many hours of training they need, and which driving schools are acceptable providers.

What Does a Driver Education Class Include?

These types of courses typically include classroom instruction, hands-on labs or simulators, and on the road experience. Some classes combine these activities into one program. Again, your state may require all, some, or none of these types of instruction. Make sure the class you choose has enough hours of each type of instructional or hands-on experience to meet any licensing requirements for teen drivers.

Will a Driver Class Reduce Insurance Premiums?

Auto insurance premiums for new teen drivers are notoriously higher than what you'll pay for yourself. This makes it essential to save where you can. Many insurance companies offer discounts for teens who complete approved driver training. Contact your auto insurance agent for details on potential discounts and what type of proof you'll need to claim the lower price.

Along with direct discounts for the completion of driver's training, some insurers offer safe driver discounts. These, and other accident-free discounts, are easier to get and maintain if the driver is knowledgeable and experienced. A driver training course provides the information and practice time to improve on-the-road skills. This can reduce the risk of an accident and increase the chances of scoring this type of discount.

How Will a Driver Education Course Help the New Teen Driver?

Beyond the requirements and discounts, a driver's course can help your teen to become a safe, well-informed motorist. Your teen will learn rules of the road (such as signaling, traffic signs, passing other cars, speed limits, and traffic laws) as well as the practical aspects of driving. If your teen takes a behind-the-wheel course, they'll have expert instruction on driving technique and plenty of time to practice.

From your state's licensing laws and insurance issues to real-world practice on the road, a training class provides new teen motorists with the expertise and experience they need to begin driving.